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At Southeast Pain and Spine Care, we focus on interventional pain procedures (injections), supporting medications and more advanced therapies to control and relieve the pain of our patients. We believe it is vital to work closely with each patient to determine the proper treatment program. Our years of experience help us listen and create a treatment plan unique to our patient's individual needs. Our overall approach to pain management can be viewed as a four-pronged approach that may include one or more of the following components: Interventional Techniques, Medication Management, Rehabilitation, and Counseling.

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 What’s New:

Learn more about Dorsal Root Ganglion Therapy: a new treatment option for patients.

New Chronic Pain Treatment Giving Patients New Life In Charlotte | FOX 46 Charlotte

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Southeast Pain and Spine Care was founded in 1997 because there was a need for patients to receive quality, nonsurgical pain relief. Southeast Pain and Spine Care’s clinical model optimizes revenue, provides ancillary revenue opportunities and allows patients to receive top of the line care by physician anaesthesiologists and neurologists. Want to learn more about how we can help your hospital earn additional revenue. Request a consultation with our administrative team.

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